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Bowman Walker Construction is proud to offer over 60 years of experience through four generations, providing our customers with the finest custom homes, additions, developments and commercial construction available.

Our unique, hands-on approach with our customers means owners, Dave and Lance—rather than project managers—readily make themselves available throughout both the design and construction process to ensure that you have as much support as you need making important housing decisions.

We believe that our level of involvement and flexibility will exceed your expectations, from small architectural details to trim package design ideas and color selections. We take pleasure in the collaborative process between builder and client that is necessary to make your dream a reality.

Bowman Walker is also available for consulting and project management.

A custom-built home from Bowman Walker delivers exactly what you want, from design to quality construction and detailed finish work.

Custom Home Construction

From Original Design or Exclusive Model

This is our true passion and cornerstone of our business. Building a custom home is a collaborative and synergetic process that requires a relationship and an ability to understand your vision of a dream home. You can enter into the project with a high level of confidence based on the testimonies of all of our past clients and the houses that back that up. Through the design phase, we will listen to your goals, dreams and visions and allow that to dictate how we approach your home. We find ways to work in design elements that will reflect your personality and make your home feel like an heirloom. Come sit down with your book of dreams and let us help you make it a reality!

A custom addition can radically improve and expand your existing home's living space, garage space, and accessibility features.

Additions and Remodeling

For Custom New Space or Home Makeover

When the right call for your property is an addition or renovation, we will be the first to advise you to move in that direction. Blending new work with old work in a seamless manner, while improving the functionality and overall look of the space, takes a special team. We have assembled a team of craftsmen and professionals to achieve this goal. The end product should not appear to be a house with an addition, but rather a well crafted home.

Our commercial construction knowledge can provide the perfect new or remodeled office, restaurant, store, or other commercial building.

Commercial Construction

To Build or Remodel Commercial Facilities

Bringing our attention to detail and pragmatic cost control into the commercial field yields a unique combination that will keep you on budget and proud of your new facility. Our analytical approach to solving both design challenges and in-process hurdles (bureaucracy) will ensure that your project is completed in a manner that exceeds your expectations.